2005-2013 Corvette C6 front brake pads, StopTech Sport 309.07310

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StopTech Sport 309.07310 performance Corvette front brake pads

FITS: Base 2005 Corvette, 2006 Corvette, 2007 Corvette, 2008 Corvette, 2009 Corvette, 2010 Corvette, 2011 Corvette, 2012 Corvette, 2013 Corvette; DOES NOT fit Corvette Z06, ZR1 or Grand Sport

When your Corvette needs new brakes, it’s a great opportunity to upgrade parts at little additional cost over stock or parts-store replacement brakes. A brake job is also a great opportunity to be honest about what you want from your Corvette. Is your car your pride and joy? Do you need your Corvette to stop consistently and repeatably? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes,” then why would you trust your Corvette to a set of $11 brake pads made in a factory in some country you’ve never heard of? For a few dollars more you can get a great set of brake pads designed for your Corvette’s performance capabilities.

Premium-quality Corvette brakes are neither expensive nor hard to find. Vette Lab carries StopTech Sport front brake pads for 2005-2013 Corvette C6 that will deliver better stopping power over stock brake pads. Best of all, StopTech Sport front brake pads won’t eat your expensive Corvette brake rotors like some extreme racing brake pads. And StopTech’s brake pad formulas are designed for lower dusting than competitive pads or your stock AC Delco brake pads.

Chances are you’re shopping around, looking at other Corvette brake pad brands and formulas, as you should be – you want the best for your car. We’ve found that for a lot of Corvette owners, the StopTech Sport brake pad is a good all-around choice. These brakes deliver additional fade resistance and stopping power for the occasional track day without all the extra brake noise and brake dust that racing brake pads tend to come with. And, while you may fancy yourself the next Fittipaldi or Earnhardt, a more expensive, track-focused brake pad could cause more problems than you want to deal with. In fact, for Corvette drivers who prefer cruising to track days, we’d even suggest our StopTech Street brake pads over these Sport brakes.

Whether you choose Vette Lab’s StopTech Sport or StopTech Street brake pads, you can always expect fast shipping and outstanding customer service. And if you’re in metro Detroit and need your new Corvette brake pads installed, make an appointment with our full-service Corvette specialty shop in Clawson, Michigan. We can take care of new front brakes, a full brake service or adding horsepower to your Corvette C5, C6 or C7, so drop us a line and let us know what you need!

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