2014-2019 Corvette front brake pads, StopTech Street 308.10010 for base C7 Stingray JL9

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Stoptech Street series front brake pads for 2014-2019 Corvette C7 Stingray with base JL9 brake package (non-Z51 cars)

FITS: 2014 Corvette, 2015 Corvette, 2016 Corvette, 2017 Corvette, 2018 Corvette, 2019 Corvette; base JL9 brake package only


If you’re seeking a good replacement pad for your street-driven Corvette, StopTech Street Pads offer OEM quality stopping power with good dusting characteristics and low noise. These Corvette brake pads feature positive molded technology, the same process that Chevrolet uses for OE pads, involving extreme pressure to compress friction materials for reliable and safe stopping performance.

Stoptech Corvette brake pads include the same features, including gas slots and chamfer, to aid efficient stopping. Key to the DIYer, Stoptech pads have precision-cut backing plates that provide proper pad fit in the caliper body, while keeping noise and vibration to a minimum. Noise reduction is further enhanced by Stoptech’s mechanically attached pad shims, and, of course, Stoptech Street Pads are 100 percent asbestos-free.

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