1997-2013 Corvette C5 and C6 rear brake pads, EBC Yellowstuff DP41160R

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1997-2013 Corvette Front Brake Pads: EBC Yellowstuff DP41160R

EBC Yellowstuff autocross/track day rear brake pads for C5 and C6 Corvette except Z06/ZR1/Grand Sport/J56

When it's time to upgrade your Corvette C5 or C6 brakes for high-performance, high-stress driving, EBC Yellowstuff brake pads deliver exceptional stopping power. Engineered as an upgrade over EBC Redstuff daily-driver street brake pads, Yellowstuff Corvette brake pads resist fade in extreme temperatures. If you're autocrossing your Corvette, or hitting a track day or driving school, Yellowstuff pads are just the ticket. And, since they're not a full-race compound, Yellowstuff Corvette brake pads won't ruin your afternoon with lots of brake dust and noise. 

That brings us to another point: You might ask, "why not just put the highest-performing brake pad available on my Corvette?" Like everything in life, brake pads are a series of tradeoffs. If you put racing brake pads on your C5 or C6 daily driver, you'd be changing them out in a hurry. For one thing, the noise and dust would be unacceptable -- when you're racing a Corvette, you don't care about dirty wheels. You simply want brake pads that will last as long as possible and stop as quickly as possible. Similarly, brake rotor wear isn't a concern on a race car since you'll probably swap them during the course of an event anyway. But perhaps the biggest concern with using brake pads on your Corvette that are inappropriate for the level of driving is heat. Racing brake pads resist heat better, but they also require heat to operate their best. Try driving your Corvette at 35 mph with a racing brake pad, and you'll quickly be surprised at how little brake feel you have!

EBC Yellowstuff Corvette brake pads fit into that middle area. You may see more brake dust than you'd get with EBC Redstuff ceramic pads, but you'll also get a firmer pedal and reduced brake fade in high-performance situations. These brake pads also go easy on your expensive brake rotors, with minimal additional wear over stock brakes, according to EBC. Best of all, you get top-quality customer service from Vette Lab. We can also install your new EBC Yellowstuff brake pads if you're near our shop in Metro Detroit. Drop us a line and let us know what you need for your C5 or C6 Corvette!

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