Corvette C5 Brakes

Corvette C5 Brakes

1997-2004 Corvette C5 Brake Pads, Brake Rotors and Brake Upgrade Kits

Your 1997-2004 Corvette C5 left Bowling Green with some pretty great brakes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make improvements. After all, your Corvette left with quite a bit of horsepower too, and that hasn’t stopped the upgrade train, has it? The great thing about Corvette brake upgrades is that you can make dramatic differences in the day-to-day driving feel of your C5 without having to spend a bunch of money. Don’t get us wrong – you can spend plenty on Corvette brake upgrades (and we’re happy to help with that too). But if you’re just looking for better pedal feel, a track-day brake pad compound or even just some stock replacement brake pads, good options are available at a reasonable price.

As with most Corvette upgrade paths, it’s important to consider your car’s brakes in terms of what you want to accomplish. Are you simply seeking good quality replacement brake pads? A StopTech Street pad or stock AC Delco brake pad might be the best option. Add a set of our premium Centric Corvette brake rotors and you’ll be set. Many Corvette C5 owners, however, prefer to improve performance with each part purchase, and brakes are no exception. Upgrading to a set of StopTech Sport brake pads, EBC brake pads or Hawk brake pads will give better ‘bite’ at your C5’s brake pedal. You may also see shorter stopping distances and better brake fade resistance during autocrossing or track day shenanigans. Keep in mind that nothing in life is free, and a higher-performance Corvette brake pad may give you additional brake dust and noise…though usually not until you get into serious track-ready brake pads.

Don’t forget your Corvette’s brake rotors and brake hoses either: A fresh set of brake rotors from DBA or Centric will give you that incredible stopping power your car is capable of. The flat, true surface from a new brake rotor will also eliminate any pedal pulsing or pulling to one side or the other. Fresh brake hoses – the flexible brake lines – for your Corvette eliminate any pressure loss from aging, swollen hoses and prevent catastrophic brake failure. Any Corvette C5 owner who plans to track his or her car really needs to consider upgrading to stainless braided Corvette brake lines to keep the hydraulic pressure where it belongs.

Of course, if you’re in Metro Detroit, Vette Lab can install any brake upgrades or brake parts you need for your Corvette. We’re available and ready to help with our full-featured shop, so send us a note and let us know what your C5 Corvette needs!