Corvette C5 Engine

Corvette C5 Engine

1997-2004 Corvette C5 Engine Parts and Performance Engine Accessories for LS V8

The 1997-2004 Corvette C5 was the first Vette to receive the now-legendary LS engine in its initial form, the LS1. Making 345 hp at launch, the LS1 engine gave the C5 Corvette outstanding performance and reliability. And, as we all know, the Corvette LS is known for its tremendous upgradability, able to take horsepower modifications well beyond its initial design specifications. That’s probably why you’re here: If you’re exploring Corvette engine internal parts you’re likely rebuilding a stock LS1 or LS6 or you’re strengthening things in anticipation of a big horsepower boost.

We say ‘big horsepower boost’ because the factory LS is quite capable of handling significant power upgrades. There’s no need to dive into Corvette engine internals unless you’re pushing a lot of boost into the engine, or you’re combining supercharging or turbocharging with nitrous oxide on a stock naturally aspirated block. At that point, it’s worth inspecting your Corvette engine’s bearings and renewing them, plus considering connecting rod upgrades and potentially new pistons and rings. A new set of Corvette LS cylinder heads can also go a long way toward delivering the horsepower you want from an E85 fuel conversion or other intake system modification.

Keeping your Corvette engine together at high rpm or under tons of boost is the job of parts some owners don’t think about: the fasteners. We love ARP cylinder head bolts, rod bolts and the various studs and connectors that keep Corvette LS engines in one piece during track days and drag strip runs. You’ll find us adding more ARP Corvette fasteners as time goes on, and we heartily recommend upgrading the hardware on your LS any time you remove and reinstall a critical component. Just make sure to follow the factory torque specifications for your specific Corvette engine, and be sure to oil the bolts or use ARP’s special bolt lubricant if the application calls for it. It’s critical for getting the correct bolt torque.

No matter your project, the beauty of the LS engine in the C5 Corvette is the availability of quality parts to accomplish most any goal you have. Not all LS Corvette parts are the same, though, and you can count on Vette Lab to stock brands we’ve had success using in our full-service shop in Detroit. And don’t forget: If you need Corvette C5 engine work – or anything else – done, get in touch with Vette Lab and let us know how we can help!

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