Corvette C5 Fuel & Air

Corvette C5 Fuel & Air

1997-2004 Corvette C5 Fuel System and Air Intake Parts: Cold Air Intakes, Fuel Injectors and E85 Conversions

More gasoline and more air equals more power: Roughly speaking, that’s an equation you can count on to build horsepower in your 1997-2004 Corvette C5. Fuel system upgrades and air intake modifications are a frequent first step for Corvette owners looking for faster ETs. That’s because these types of mods are necessary for the next steps in power building, so they can be built upon as you improve your Corvette. They’re also rewarding, since a new cold air intake or manifold delivers a noticeable increase in power, sound and performance with a relatively small investment in time and money.

Corvette fuel system upgrades become essential when you start adding forced induction or nitrous oxide to the mix. Whether you continue to run gasoline or you upgrade to an E85 Corvette fuel system, additional flow from a higher-performance fuel pump and new fuel lines helps prevent a catastrophic lean condition in your C5. Corvette owners who convert to E85 gain the additional benefits of increased octane, though expect to go through quite a bit of ethanol too.

Getting additional air into your C5 Corvette engine is more straightforward. A new cold air intake is frequently a first modification for a new Corvette owner. While the cold air intake isn’t a huge power booster on its own, it’s a critical building block for delivering more air into the engine for further modifications. A reusable Corvette air filter also makes a smart investment, preventing the yearly air filter changes that can easily add up to the cost of a new K&N or Green filter. Best of all, the additional airflow makes horsepower easier to develop down the line with your other Corvette fuel and air upgrades.

Let Vette Lab help you work toward your Corvette horsepower goals! We can offer advice and installation for your C5 Corvette fuel and air upgrades, along with helping you develop a comprehensive plan to get your Corvette where you want it to be. From new fuel injectors to E85 conversions and cold air intakes, Vette Lab can do whatever you need from our full featured shop in Clawson, MI. Drop us a line and let us know how we can help you and your Corvette!

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