Corvette C5 Ignition

Corvette C5 Ignition

1997-2004 Corvette C5 Ignition Upgrade Parts, Coils, Spark Plugs and Spark Plug wires

The LS V8 on your 1997-2004 Corvette C5 is nothing without a hot spark, timed perfectly, ready to ignite the fuel and air mixture. Back in the days of points ignition, Corvette horsepower enthusiasts spent lots of time and energy recurving distributors, filing points and performing other ignition tricks. With modern computer controlled ignition, however, your Corvette’s ignition system sometimes gets put on the back burner when a horsepower modification plan is put in place. That’s a mistake: While your C5 ignition is fundamentally regulated by the ECU, there’s plenty you can do to ensure a potent spark is ready to fire at the exact millisecond your Corvette’s computer demands it.

Modern Corvette distributorless ignition systems like the one in your 1997-2004 C5 make do with a lot fewer components. But they also deliver a much more powerful spark to your LS. To ensure that spark is available and routed to the correct spot, your Corvette C5 uses individual high-energy coils mounted atop the valve covers. Higher energy coils and ignition coil relocation kits can help deliver more spark energy to your Corvette, the latter by keeping the ignition coils cooler. An ignition coil relocation kit can also make room for other accessories like different valve covers or changes in the intake manifold.

Don’t forget your Corvette’s spark plug wires and spark plugs: These parts still look and perform much like the plugs and plug wires on your buddy’s C2 Corvette, and they still suffer the same way. Engine and exhaust heat cooks your Corvette’s spark plug wires, and general wear and deposits gradually break down the spark plugs themselves. In fact, modern ignition wear is more insidious than traditional ignition problems: Rarely does something on your Corvette ignition system actually break, causing misfires or requiring repair. Rather, a coil-near-plug ignition system tends to slowly sap power over time, meaning you’re losing horsepower so gradually you may not even notice it.

Get high-performance Corvette ignition coils, premium quality replacement Corvette spark plugs and Corvette spark plug wires from top brands like MSD, Magnecor and NGK right here at Vette Lab. And if you need diagnostic work on your Corvette, or you’d simply like us to perform the work on your ignition system for you, bring your Corvette to our fully equipped shop in Clawson, Michigan. We’d be happy to help, and guide you on a more comprehensive Corvette upgrade plan if that’s what you’re after, so get in touch today!

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