Corvette C5 Suspension & Steering

Corvette C5 Suspension & Steering

1997-2004 Corvette Suspension and Steering Replacement and Upgrade Parts

Keeping your 1997-2004 Corvette C5 stuck to the ground in hard cornering at the track is the job of your suspension system. Tires play a huge part in your Corvette’s handling too, but the springs, shocks, bushings, sway bars and other Corvette suspension parts hiding under your C5 all work together to deliver optimum roadholding. Thing is, after tens of thousands of miles of wear, your Corvette’s suspension system begins to get tired. Sometimes you get clunks and rattles as suspension parts wear, but other times problems hide – that’s the most insidious type of suspension issue to have on a performance car like a C5 Corvette.

Why? Because when you’re driving with a worn Corvette suspension system that doesn’t have any audible issues, you’re not getting the most from your car but you have no way of knowing it. That’s especially true if you’ve owned your Corvette for a couple years. The wear and tear on your suspension parts is so gradual you may not even notice you’ve lost a percentage of your coveted roadholding ability, or cornering power. If you’ve taken your C5 Corvette to a track day or autocross event and found yourself underwhelmed by your car’s performance, worn out suspension parts, shock absorbers past their useful life and bushings with cracked internals could be the culprit.

Once you understand the fundamentals behind your Corvette C5 suspension system, the reason wear is so detrimental becomes more obvious. Your Corvette shock absorbers don’t just absorb shocks – they’re dampers, controlling the motion of your wheels as they’re loaded in turns and then unloaded coming out of turns. When your Corvette’s shocks aren’t performing like new, the result is erratic handling and unpredictable bounce and rebound characteristics. It takes enough concentration lapping a road course in your C5 – you don’t need your suspension system working against you!

Corvette suspension upgrades and repairs are a specialized job. You do not want to be messing with spring removal unless you have the proper tools and equipment. If you’re all good for DIY suspension work, we carry premium Corvette shock absorbers, bushings and other suspension parts to get you back on the road. If you’d rather let us do the work for you, Vette Lab can help. Our fully equipped shop in the Detroit metro area can get your C5 Corvette set up for autocross, track days or the drag strip, so drop us a line and let us help you achieve your handling goals!

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