Corvette C6 Exhaust

Corvette C6 Exhaust

2005-2013 Corvette C6 Exhaust Systems, Cat-Back Exhaust and Header Sets

It’s no wonder the exhaust system is one of the first upgrades new Corvette C6 owners tackle when they get the car. That LS small-block V8 delivers a killer rumble even stock, and a cat-back Corvette exhaust system can really help uncork the engine and deliver a more aggressive note. The good news is that a variety of Corvette exhaust options exist, allowing owners to tune the car for their specific needs. Many of our C6 Corvette customers want a full-bore track-ready exhaust system, from headers on back. That’s not a practical choice for many, though – emissions regulations, noise regulations and personal tastes all have to be taken into account.

Vette Lab carries C6 Corvette exhaust products from manufacturers like Kooks, Corsa, Borla and more. Each Corvette exhaust manufacturer creates headers, x-pipes and muffler systems to work together for a specific sound level, but that shouldn’t stop you from mixing and matching on your specific C6. As long as the exhaust pipe diameter is the same, or there’s an adapter involved, you can absolutely connect an X-pipe from one exhaust maker to a Corvette cat-back system from another manufacturer. We have customers who swear by Kooks for Corvette headers, but prefer the tone of a Corsa stainless rear setup and its mellow, throaty tone. The beauty of having a Corvette is that you can make it exactly what you want it to be!

The key in Corvette exhaust upgrades is quality: After all, the C6 is a premium sports car built to exacting tolerances. A mild-steel generic exhaust setup isn’t going to deliver the performance or longevity you expect. All brands of Corvette C6 cat-back systems, x-pipes and headers Vette Lab carries are manufactured from stainless steel (where applicable) using mandrel-bent tubing for maximum flow. Our Corvette exhaust systems are backed up by the top manufacturers in the Corvette performance industry so you know you’re getting exactly what you’ve paid for. And if you’re in the Detroit metro area and want to price out a custom Corvette exhaust system or get your new C6 exhaust installed, get in touch with Vette Lab. We have expert technicans and a fully equipped shop ready to work on your Corvette!

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