Corvette C6 Ignition

Corvette C6 Ignition

2005-2013 Corvette Ignition System Upgrades, Spark Plugs, Plug Wires and Coil Kits

It’s impossible to understate the importance of your 2005-2013 Corvette C6 ignition system. The spark timing in your LS V8 is absolutely critical to building horsepower, preventing engine damage and maintaining fuel economy in your Corvette. Unlike the C3 and earlier days, late-model Corvette ignition is – fortunately – a lot simpler than it used to be. Or maybe ‘lower maintenance’ is a better way to describe it. All that computer control involved in your Corvette ignition has taken out a lot of the unreliable mechanical parts that used to plague engine tuners. Things like points, condensers, distributors and the like were all subject to wear on early Corvettes, resulting in unreliable ignition timing and weak spark. Coupled with lead deposits from leaded fuel and the high compression necessary to get power from older engines, and no wonder drivability used to be an issue on high-horsepower Corvettes!

Today, Corvette ignition systems are largely confined to the control unit, individual ignition coils for each cylinder, a spark plug wire for each and the spark plug itself. Most of us will only modify the ignition control unit using a tuner once modifications like forced induction or E85 fueling require it. However, a new set of Corvette ignition coils, spark plug cables and spark plugs are all part of regular maintenance regardless of whether your C6 Corvette is simply street-driven or a regular visitor to the local drag strip.

All Corvette ignition systems from 2005-2013 are of the coil-near-plug type. It’s a reliable system good for high horsepower, but there are some weak spots. Those ignition coils sit on top of the cylinder head and can be subjected to intense heat. Likewise, your C6 spark plug wires run near the exhaust manifold and can get cooked by exhaust heat and broken down by ozone in the air. Any loss of spark on your Corvette can result in a loss in power or, potentially, engine damage depending on when it occurs. New Corvette spark plug wires from brands like MSD and Magnecor, spark plugs from AC Delco and NGK and performance ignition coils and coil relocation kits can ensure your Corvette C6 spark gets where it’s supposed to, every time.

Finally, if your 2005-2013 Corvette needs ignition work or an upgrade and you’re near metro Detroit, Vette Lab can help! We’ve got a full-service Corvette modification and performance shop and we’d be happy to discuss your wish list – just get in touch.

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