Corvette C6 Suspension & Steering

Corvette C6 Suspension & Steering

2005-2013 Corvette Performance Parts: C6 Suspension and Steering Upgrades and Handling Kits

The 2005-2013 Corvette C6 is not just about straightline acceleration. Your Corvette is also a monster on the track thanks to careful suspension design and steering geometry. In fact, Corvette handling has been world-class since at least the C4 generation, and your C6 Corvette benefits from improvements like magnetic ride control, its hydroformed chassis structure and improvements in suspension bushing design. Corvette C6 suspension upgrades should always be viewed as part of a whole system, then; new Corvette shocks will affect the springs and other parts of your car, so you need to consider what you’re trying to accomplish with your Corvette parts purchases.

New Bilstein Corvette shocks are one of our favorite performance suspension parts. Once you understand how shocks work, you’ll understand why they’re so critical to your C6’s handling. The composite leaf springs on your Corvette do the actual work of suspending your C6, but consider how springs operate: They store and release energy repeatedly until it’s dissipated. If your Corvette didn’t have shock absorbers to dissipate this energy, your C6 would oscillate up and down for a mile or two after hitting any bumps. You’ve probably seen this driving around town – some hooptie hits a bump and you watch in horror as the rear bounces along for 30 seconds before settling again.

Fresh Corvette shocks let the springs do their job – the wheel goes up, the shock absorber damps the energy (which is why they’re also called dampers) and the wheel returns to its rest position, keeping the tire on the road. That control, the return of the contact patch to the pavement, is why your Corvette shocks are so important to handling and steering. Of course, there’s a lot more to Corvette handling, but it shows why our Bilstein shocks are such popular upgrades.

If you have a specific Corvette handling goal for your C6, we can help. Vette Lab has a full shop in the Detroit metro area that can craft suspension upgrades, horsepower upgrades and just about anything else you desire for your C6. Just drop us a line and let us know what you want to accomplish, and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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