Corvette C7 LT1 nitrous base kit by Nitrous Outlet, 50-200 hp with 10-lb bottle

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  • Nitrous Outlet nitrous kit for Corvette C7
  • Nitrous Outlet nitrous kit for Corvette C7
MSRP: $1,175.00
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Corvette C7 Wet Nitrous Plate System for 2014-2019 LT1 V8

Vette Lab is proud to be a distributor for Nitrous Outlet, makers of the best nitrous horsepower-boosting equipment on the market. With this nitrous kit, you can add 200 hp to your Z06 out of the box, with the capability of up to 400 hp with additional jetting options from Vette Lab and Nitrous Outlet.

This system is designed specifically for the LT1 C7 Corvette using the stock intake manifold. A custom solenoid bracket and prefabricated hard-lines bolt directly between the throttle body and intake manifold. The included nitrous plate is capable of flowing 400+ HP and has a high quality anodized finish with laser engraved labels and the Nitrous Outlet logo.

This Corvette C7 LT1 nitrous system includes all of the necessary components: Billet aluminum nitrous plate, 50-100-150-200 HP jetting, 10-lb nitrous bottle hardware and wiring for installation.

If you're on the fence about adding nitrous capability to your C7 Corvette, you're right to ask questions. Fundamentally, the way nitrous oxide builds power in your LT1 is by adding far more oxygen to the fuel-air mixture than is possible even with forced induction. The 'oxide' in nitrous oxide is the key to big horsepower, but a nitrous installation that's not fully thought-through can simply make a big bang.

The key to consistent, repeatable bottle-fed horsepower in your Corvette is a comprehensive system designed to build power safely. That's what this Nitrous Outlet kit offers, and we've used it on customer cars with great success. If you're in the metro Detroit area, Vette Lab can do a custom nitrous installation for you, but even if you're thousands of miles away, a good technician or skilled DIYer can get great results with this LT1 Corvette kit.

Remember to start with the lowest nitrous shot and then dial in more power. Once you've installed your nitrous oxide kit, get your Corvette on a dyno and check the output as well as the exhaust ratios with a good wideband O2 sensor. Dial in the fuel-air ratio, then add more nitrous once you've got everything running well. It takes a little bit of trial and error, but with a good base kit like our Nitrous Outlet C7 LT1 plate system, you're well on your way to enjoying the benefits of nitrous!

Interested in an installation? Contact Vette Lab for more information about our Detroit-area Corvette services.

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