Corvette Nitrous Kits

Corvette Nitrous Kits

Corvette Nitrous kits for C5, C6 and C7 | LS and LT engine nitrous oxide kits

Build serious Corvette horsepower with a nitrous system!

Adding nitrous oxide to your Corvette LS or LT1 engine remains the most cost-effective way to build instant horsepower. But it has to be done right, with quality nitrous parts. That’s where Vette Lab and Nitrous Outlet come in to play.

If you’re not familiar with how nitrous works, think of nitrous oxide as a kind of chemical supercharger for your Corvette. A regular blower or turbo, like the supercharger on your Corvette Z06 LT4, compresses ambient air and stuffs more into the cylinders than the engine could ingest on its own. That means more oxygen to mix with fuel.

Nitrous oxide adds that extra oxygen even without forced induction: Nitrous breaks into its component parts (nitrogen and oxygen) when heated inside the combustion chambers. The nitrogen is inert, but the extra oxygen mixes with fuel and turns into tire smoke!

We all know cooler intake air for your Corvette yields a denser charge and more power. Well, nitrous oxide delivers benefits there too. When the pressurized nitrous expands in your LS or LT intake manifold it cools, giving you even more horsepower gains! If you’re running intercooled forced induction like on a Corvette Z06 or ZR1, the result is massive amounts of cool, dense, oxygen-rich intake air just waiting to mix with fuel.

As with any project, a successful Corvette nitrous installation starts with a reputable nitrous plate system designed for your Corvette engine, like our Nitrous Outlet wet plate systems. Follow the installation instructions, then tune with a dyno starting with the lowest power jetting and slowly dial in the gas from there. You may find you need more fuel above a certain point; you can either upgrade to a high-volume Corvette fuel pump and injectors right away or stop there until the budget (or your spouse) allows. Make sure your Corvette’s fuel system can keep up, though: Running lean in an LS or LT V8 will quickly burn pistons and cause other unfortunate side effects. A well-designed Corvette nitrous system takes fuel supply into account, along with other factors needed to ensure repeatable, reliable horsepower.

Finally, if you’re near the metro Detroit area, or you can send your Corvette to us, Vette Lab has tons of experience customizing Corvette nitrous installations on C5 and C6 LS engines and C7 LT engines. We’d be happy to help with yours too: drop us a line and let us know what you want to do.

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