Corvette Performance Parts

Corvette Performance Parts

Corvette Performance Parts for C5, C6 and C7 from 1997-2019

Boosting output and dropping quarter-mile times is one of the most entertaining pursuits for the Corvette owner. Our LS and LT V8 engines are stout platforms from the factory, but they respond better than nearly any engine on the planet to power-enhancing modifications. That includes small upgrades like the addition of a cold-air intake all the way up massive horsepower builders like aftermarket superchargers and nitrous oxide kits.

Given their popularity, it’s no surprise that Vette Lab gets a lot of requests for power boosts on customer cars, not to mention the driveline upgrades to get that power to the pavement. Working with reputable aftermarket parts suppliers and verifying upgrades on the dynamometer, we’re able to separate results from marketing hype – as the saying goes, the dyno doesn’t lie! 

Just remember, making big power and then getting it effectively to the wheels requires a methodical approach. Many owners start with a cold air intake since it offers easy installation and good underhood looks, along with minor power boosts. A computer tune or custom ECU can then help extract more power, after which forced induction (if the car doesn’t already have it) and more fuel can take you further. At some point, a high-performance clutch or automatic transmission tune may be in order, along with better tires. The list goes on. 

Bottom line: There’s a lot to making power, but you can start small or go all-out, adding horsepower as your driving skills and budget allow. You can also trust that Vette Lab will only offer products in which we have confidence – products that will deliver on your power goals. We’ll keep testing parts and developing our own, so check back often for more upgrades that make the cut!