1997-2013 Corvette Front Brake Pads, Hawk HPS HB247F575 for C5 and C6

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  • Hawk HPS HB247F575 street upgrade brake pads for Chevrolet Corvette C5 and C6 front
  • Hawk HB247 Corvette front brake pads specifications
  • Hawk brake pads for Corvette C5 and Corvette C6 front; street HPS technology
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1997-2013 Corvette Front Brake Pads: Hawk HPS HB247F575

These FRONT brake pads fit:
1997-2004 C5
2005-2013 C6 Corvette EXCLUDING Z06/ZR1/Grand Sport

HPS stands for High Performance Street, and that’s what these Hawk disc brake pads deliver for the Corvette owner: They’re designed to improve stopping power over factory brakes without introducing unwanted characteristics that can appear with more aggressive pad compounds. We’re talking about dust, noise and increased rotor wear – things that might be acceptable at the track, but that daily-driver Corvettes can do without.

Hawk pads are a Vette Lab go-to for increasing stopping power on street-legal vehicles, and the Street HPS braking compound does a great job of combining improved performance with good street manners. The net result is between 20-40% more stopping power and higher resistance to brake fade than conventional replacement pads. That last part is critical -- the fade reduction means you can still take these pads out for a high-performance driving event or a good canyon run and maintain better pedal feel and more consistent performance.

  • Smooth braking feel
  • Excellent for spirited driving
  • Gentle on rotors and extended pad life
  • Consistent brake release characteristics
  • Increased stopping power
  • For use with iron/steel rotors only
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