Explaining C7 Corvette brakes and brake option codes

Explaining C7 Corvette brakes and brake option codes

If you’ve shopped for C7 Corvette brake pads, you’ve seen the dizzying array of part numbers and option packages. That’s even before you try to determine what brand and type of pad compound you want. We’re not going to address brands/compounds in this article, but let’s take a look at why there are so many Corvette brake pad part numbers for the 2014-2019 C7 and how to determine exactly what your specific Corvette needs.

What brakes are on my Corvette?

Depending on what model C7 Corvette you own, you could have one of four different brake setups. These are known by their GM option codes (regular production option, or RPO) and generally break down along the following lines:

JL9 brakes: Base C7 Stingray only

JL9 is the basic brake system fitted to Corvette Stingrays without the Z51 Performance Package. While the calipers look similar to those found on higher-spec cars, JL9 front brake calipers are smaller. Rotors measure 12.6 inches front and 13.3 inches rear, and the front and rear brake rotors will not be slotted if they’re the original specification – note that your rotors may have been replaced with aftermarket slotted and/or drilled brake rotors, so measure to determine if you have JL9 brakes if you’re not certain.

Brake Pad Options for Corvette Stingray JL9

StopTech Street
StopTech Sport
Hawk HPS
EBC Yellowstuff
AC Delco OEM

J55 brakes: C7 Corvette Stingray with Z51 package

When you option a base C7 Corvette with the Z51 Performance Package, JL9 brakes are replaced with J55 brakes. The rear caliper and pads, and rotor size, remains the same as JL9, but the front brake rotors become larger 13.6-inch pieces, and all four brake rotors are slotted for better gas dissipation -- again, as long as they're the factory brake rotors or have been replaced with factory-equivalent rotors.

J56 brakes: Corvette Grand Sport and base Z06 (without Z07 package)

Designed for hard use and track-day performance, the Corvette J56 package replaces the front brake discs with huge 2-piece steel slotted rotors and bigger brake calipers with more pad area. The rear brakes also get 2-piece slotted rotors but the brake pads remain the same as those found on J55 cars – most of the braking power is handled by your Corvette's front brakes, which is why the extra size goes there. J56 Corvette front brake rotors measure 14.6 inches and the rear brake rotors are 14.4 inches.

J57 brakes: Z06 with Z07 package, all ZR1

This is the big dog: C7 Corvette RPO J57 indicates the race-ready Brembo carbon ceramic brake rotors for maximum fade resistance in extreme driving. J57 brake rotors measure 15.5 inches in the front and 15.3 inches in the rear, and have a distinctive mottled appearance. Carbon ceramic J57 Corvette brakes are the least likely package you’ll encounter (unless you trade strictly in C7 ZR1s) and they’re the most expensive to replace by far – expect axle set brake pad prices in the $500 range and replacement carbon ceramic brake rotors well into four digits apiece.

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Hopefully that helps you identify your Corvette C7 brakes; whatever you have, from JL9 to J57, V ette Lab can help ensure you get the right brake parts to help you enjoy your Corvette the way it was intended!

Jun 26th 2019 Vette Lab Staff

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