This is the 2020 midengine C8 Corvette

This is the 2020 midengine C8 Corvette

The midengine C8 Corvette is here. Let’s find a spot for the nitrous bottles…

As everyone in Corvette world no doubt knows by now, the new, radical 2020 C8 Corvette launched last night at a big shindig in Southern California. The big change is the engine placement behind the driver for the first time in Corvette history. But there’s a lot more to this new Corvette that’s going to require sorting through. The monoleaf springs are gone, for example, replaced by new coilover units and conventional A arms. There’s no manual transmission option for the first time on a Corvette, with shifting instead handled by a dual-clutch automatic. And then there’s that interior – it’s going to take some getting used to.

What remains the same on the new Corvette C8 is the pushrod LT-based small-block V8. Now known as LT2, at least on the base Corvette, it should prove similar to the direct-injected LT1 we’re familiar with on the current C7 Stingray. And if history is any guide, the new Corvette should also prove to be fertile ground for modifications for additional horsepower, better handling and more radical looks.

Vette Lab is looking forward to getting inside, underneath and into the engine bay of a new midengine Corvette. We know our many suppliers are working with initial engineering information and creating new Corvette exhaust, brake, suspension and engine modifications as we write this. It’ll take some getting used to, this new midengine car, and it’ll pose some unique challenges to tuners and the aftermarket.

But that’s all part of the fun. As with our extensive line of Corvette C5, C6 and C7 parts and accessories, Vette Lab will be stocked with C8 Corvette parts as soon as they hit the market. And you can count on our installation services to get you to your Corvette goal, no matter what generation. Thanks for your business! 

Jul 19th 2019 Vette Lab

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