White+Wash White Car Cleaner from Vette Lab

White+Wash White Car Cleaner from Vette Lab

Remove orange spots from your white Corvette for a showroom clean!

White Corvettes -- really all white cars and trucks in general -- are notoriously hard to keep clean. Even if you drive your Corvette sparingly, keep it covered in the garage and wash it regularly, if it's white, it's eventually going to show dirt and debris. There's nothing you can do to prevent it, but there's plenty you can do to get your white car clean again. Truly clean!

Vette Lab has put together a white paint cleaning system based on a process we use in our own detail shop. Called White+Wash, it's similar to the fallout removers and rail dust cleaners offered by professional detailers -- in fact, it uses a similar active ingredient for the precleaner. But our white car cleaning system differs in a couple critical ways. First off, it's designed for home use. Professional car wash chemicals are just that -- for professional use, mainly due to their strength and the potential for damage if used incorrectly. White+Wash white paint cleaner is formulated to clean without risk of damaging paint and trim. White+Wash also uses a special wash formulation that helps deactivate and remove the active ingredient more effectively.

Remove rust spots from your white car paint

White+Wash white paint cleaner is engineered by the Corvette experts at Vette Lab, but it's not just for Corvettes. Any white car, truck or SUV that's suffering from pesky orange spots in the paint, rust flecks and other metallic debris in the paint will see huge improvements with White+Wash! Best of all it's affordable and sold in a convenient kit with the prewash, deactivating foaming car wash and a chemical-resistant spray applicator.

Get White+Wash today and find out how clean your white car can get!

Nov 5th 2019 Vette Lab Staff

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