Alkycontrol Corvette C7 Meth Injection System with Upgraded Nozzles, Check Valve

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  • Corvette C7 Alcohol Injection kit for supercharged Corvette; upgraded with stainless nozzles and check valves to support 800 WHP
  • Vette Lab Corvette C7 custom alcohol Injection kit by Alkycontrol; upgraded with stainless nozzles and check valves to support 800 WHP


Corvette Methanol Injection Kit for C7

Vette Lab's custom alcohol injection system supports big horsepower and includes stainless dual M15 nozzles and check valves

Get control of your alcohol! Vette Lab has customized a Corvette meth injection kit based on proven parts from the experts at Alkycontrol. Using their C7 MAF trigger kit, our alcohol injection system can support up to 800 RWHP consistently, and stand up to the rigors of using a true 50/50 alcohol mixture. 

More importantly, this alcohol injection kit is specifically designed for C7 Corvette from 2014-2019. The most popular applications are with factory supercharged Corvettes like the Z06; alcohol injection is also a great solution when you're adding a positive-displacement roots-style blower such as a Magnuson. Vette Lab's custom C7 alcohol injection kit uses the tried-and-true core Alkycontrol system, then adds what we consider necessary upgrades based on our Corvette tuning experience. Our Corvette alcohol injection kits are supplied with dual M15 nozzles upgraded to stainless steel. We also supply a check valve with our alcohol injection systems to prevent pooling on the intake manifold floor. 

How does a Corvette alcohol injection system work?

Vette Lab and Alkycontrol alcohol injection kits use your original Corvette washer fluid tank as the methanol tank. The system isn't in use until it gets an appropriate signal from your Corvette's Mass Air Flow Sensor; the flow of alcohol is carefully regulated based on those Mass Air Flow Sensor readings, resulting in more flow from the alcohol pump as the MAF indicates. The result is a smooth, repeatable, reliable delivery of power-increasing alcohol drive to the pump as the frequency increases.

Our Corvette C7 alcohol injection kit includes DUAL M15 STAINLESS NOZZLES for high-horsepower applications. Let us know if you need a different configuration and we can quote you. 

More about Alkycontrol

Alkycontrol alcohol injection systems are NOT the same as some of the less-expensive and less-effective Corvette alcohol injection systems on the market. Read the fine print on those discount kits and you'll find most of them specify a less than 50/50 alcohol mix. Why? Because it costs more to build a true 50/50-compatible alcohol injection system due to the premium parts needed to ensure the system works 100 percent of the time, for a long time to come. As always, with Corvette alcohol injection kits you get what you pay for. 

It isn't just the parts either; it's also the experience: Alkycontrol has been crafting premium alcohol injection kits since 2003, and their products have been used on everything from cars, trucks, jet skis, airboats, and even a world record holding airplane. If it has a piston or rotor being fed boost, it will benefit from the company's injection system, and you can bet your supercharged C7 Corvette is going to love a little alcohol!

As always, Vette Lab installs, tunes and services what it sells. Buy our kit and install it yourself or get it done locally, or, if you're ready for a customized Corvette C7 alcohol injection system and you're in Metro Detroit, get your car to us. We'll help you reach your Corvette performance goals!

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