Corvette Active Fuel Management Module - DiabloSport Sprint AFM Disabler for C7 Corvette 2014-up

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DiabloSport Sprint Active Fuel Management Disabler for Corvette

Fits: C7 Corvette 2014-2019

Chevy’s Active Fuel Management is a pretty amazing thing. It allows your Corvette to function on four or eight cylinders depending on engine load. Yes, it saves fuel during highway cruising, and we’re not going to fault Chevrolet’s strategy here (or the remarkable engineering involved). However, as good as AFM is, it can cause slight delays and hesitation when transitioning between four and eight cylinders. There’s also the tepid exhaust note when running on four, and that’s not why you got a Vette. Not everyone wants the mileage gains, especially at the expense of exhaust note, and Vette Lab is all about offering options to Corvette owners.

The DiabloSport Sprint module easily disables cylinder deactivation mode, ensuring your Corvette always runs on all eight cylinders. It’s very easy to install with no tools required – just plug the module into the OBDII (on-board diagnostics) port under the dash (you can’t miss it – even a novice can do this). There’s no reprogramming or tuning necessary, and the process is totally reversible: Simply unplug the DiabloSport Sprint module. 

The DiabloSport Sprint is a must-have for the late-model Corvette owner with active fuel management: It’s an affordable, non-invasive way to have complete control over your car’s performance, and it’s in-stock and ready to ship at Vette Lab!

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