Corvette C6 nitrous switch panel; 2005-2013 ashtray mount

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  • Corvette C6 custom ashtray mount nitrous oxide switch panel by Nitrous Outlet
  • Corvette C6 custom ashtray mount nitrous oxide switch panel by Nitrous Outlet
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Corvette C6 ashtray mount nitrous oxide switch panel

FITS: 2005-2013 C6 Corvette, ashtray mount; will work with any brand system or accessories (but ours are the best).

This custom nitrous switch panel is specifically designed for the 2005-2013 C6 Corvette ashtray and will add the perfect finishing detail to your Corvette nitrous system while making your accessories easier to manage.

This C6 Corvette nitrous switch panel contains:

Accessory Control. This panel has 2 LED rocker switches for system arm and heater activation, and a red push button switch to control system purge.

Superior Quality. This Corvette nitrous switch panel is machined from billet aluminum with a black anodized finish with laser etched button labels and the Nitrous Outlet logo.

If you've got nitrous on your C6 Corvette, you have to have a way to control things like the bottle valve, the heater, nitrous purge and the arming system. You can either build a custom nitrous switch panel with auto parts store electricals or opt for a clean, high-quality custom solution like our Nitrous Outlet C6 ashtray mount switch panel. Since it's from Nitrous Outlet, you can trust the quality and compatibility, especially if you're using it to control one of our Nitrous Outlet LS engine plate systems. And since you're getting it from Vette Lab, you know you're getting a great price and outstanding customer service.

A clean nitrous switch install will let you keep your Corvette's horsepower secrets while keeping all the nitrous controls right at your fingertips. That’s critical, since you need to be able to hit the nitrous button and activate heaters and purge valves at the right time while your mind is on other things. Nitrous reliability is critical not only to your Corvette’s performance, but also in maintaining the mechanical integrity of your install. A wire falling out of a budget electrical part is not what you want to have happen mid-run, Corvette or otherwise!

If you’re a competent DIYer, you can probably handle your Corvette nitrous installation yourself, especially if you use parts designed to work together, like this nitrous switchplate and our C6 wet nitrous plate system. But if you have doubts about your abilities, don’t leave it to chance. Either choose a reputable local shop for your nitrous installation or, if you’re near metro Detroit (or don’t mind coming to see us for a few days), let Vette Lab do your Corvette nitrous installation. Our skilled performance technicians will have you building horsepower like never before, reliably and consistently. Contact us for more information or to set up an appointment!

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