Heated Nitrous Bottle Bracket with Automatic Activation | Corvette Nitrous Bracket

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Billet Heated Nitrous Bottle Bracket for Corvette C5, C6, C7

If you're going to install a nitrous system in your C5, C6 or C7 Corvette, you need to invest in finishing the job right. Our Nitrous Outlet automatic bottle-heater bracket will look fantastic under your rear hatch, and it provides the proper temperature for consistent nitrous activation as well as a super-strong mounting surface that still provides quick bottle swaps.

Show Quality Finish. If you are looking for a show quality nitrous install a billet bottle bracket will give your system the perfect finishing touch.

Includes Accessories. This package includes all wiring and hardware needed for install. This kit also includes an adjustable pressure switch that automatically activates the bottle heater, a hex to wing adapter to quickly disconnect the main feed line, and toggle switch.

Concise Bottle Pressure. The billet bottle brackets hold the bottle securely to the heating element to insure proper heat transfer. Bottle pressure is key in a well performing nitrous system, and helps keep a consistent flow of nitrous pass after pass.

Quick Release. You can quickly disconnect your bottle from this bracket heater combo with the quick release clamps to make refilling and changing bottles fast and easy. The included hex to wing adapter makes connecting and disconnecting the main feed possible without the use of tools.

Application. This heated billet bottle bracket will hold any brand 10lb or 15lb nitrous bottle at a 15° angle and can be installed in any make. model, or year vehicle with any brand nitrous system.

Why add heat to your Corvette nitrous system? It's all about nitrous pressure. As you bottle-feed your LS or LT Corvette V8, the amount of nitrous in the bottle is naturally reduced. That gives what's left more room to expand. And when nitrous expands, its pressure drops; that results in an inconsistent nitrous feed to your engine. A nitrous bottle heater raises the temperature of the bottle to increase pressure as the nitrous level drops, maintaining a more consistent pressure.

That said, this Nitrous Outlet billet bottle bracket and heater kit is top-of-the-line. We have other, less-expensive bottle heater solutions available, but if you need to mount a nitrous bottle in your Corvette and you want the cleanest, most elegant installation to complement it, here's your solution!

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