WHITE+WASH White Car Renew and Clean - Deluxe Kit

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White+Wash White Car Renew

Mist, wipe, rinse: Once a year for a showroom clean!

Get rid of orange spots on your white car: Restore your white car paint with White+Wash White Car Paint Restorer from Vette Lab!

True story: We had a white Corvette C6 come in whose owner was completely freaked out by the fact his fiberglass body was ‘rusting!’ It wasn’t, of course: He frequently parked the car at the airport; minute particles of iron and steel from the planes, cars and other industrial concerns near the airport had imbedded themselves in his white paint. Add moisture, and voila, you get orange rust specks on a white car – even one made of fiberglass!

So how do you keep a white Corvette, or ANY white car clean? It’s a question millions of white car owners have struggled with for decades. You may have your own home-brew white car cleaner recipe, or you might be willing to fork over $300+ to a professional, but we found an affordable DIY solution in White+Wash White Car Restorer. It works great on white Corvettes we get in the shop, and we use it to clean white cars, trucks and SUVs owned by our families too.

What is it that makes white cars so difficult to keep looking like new? It’s as simple as the paint color: Put dirt, grime and contaminants on a white background and they’re eventually going to show up as a dingy haze over your white car paint. Industrial pollutants and road grime can even imbed themselves in your white paint and begin to oxidize. The result is what looks like orange rust specks on your white paint.

White+Wash White Car Restorer dissolves those particulates with a pH-neutral solution that’s also gentle to your car’s white paint surface. Simply rinse, then wash the car like normal using the included White+Wash car wash detergent. Our detergent features a special neutralizer to ensure the pre-cleaner action is completely stopped and the chemical is removed from the paint surface by rinse water. This step helps make White+Wash White Paint Restorer much more friendly for DIY and home car washes versus trying to mix and match potentially corrosive chemicals from other vendors. Finally, our DELUXE kit includes our easy-on polymer spray wax to ensure your finish is protected for up to six months. 

What’s included with the White+Wash white car restorer DELUXE kit:

  • 16 oz of White Car Pre-Wash
  • 8 oz Wash detergent concentrate with neutralizer
  • 16 oz of polymer spray wax
  • Free shipping in the continental US

If you have a white Corvette or any white car, truck or SUV, you owe it to your ride to try White+Wash; find out how clean your car can actually get!

Get complete White+Wash directions and more details here

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