Brake Pads and Rotors

Brake Pads and Rotors

1997-2019 Corvette Brake Pads and Brake Rotors

Replacement Corvette brake pads and brake rotors are some of our best sellers, and it’s no surprise. Not that Corvette brakes are somehow insufficient, but because Corvette drivers aren’t afraid to push their cars! Brake pads and brake rotors are what’s known as ‘wear items’ in car-parts language. That means the brakes are expected to wear out and need replacement on a regular basis regardless of how you drive your Corvette. Drive harder and you’ll need new brake pads and brake rotors more often. Go easy on your car and your brakes will last longer…but they’ll still need to be replaced eventually.

New Corvette brake pads and brake rotors will restore your C5, C6 or C7’s original braking capability, and possibly even improve it. Chevrolet didn’t skimp on the Corvette, and that includes its brakes. Even from the factory, Corvette brakes have always been outstanding, and replacement AC Delco brake pads and brake rotors will take things back to factory spec. There are better choices in Corvette brake pads and brake rotors, however. The aftermarket, and performance brake vendors, are able to customize brake pad compounds for different goals than those originally specified by Chevrolet. That means you can get Corvette brake pads that offer more or less initial bite, produce less brake dust (and sometimes more), and retain their stopping ability at much higher temperatures than your factory Corvette brakes. That’s why we carry new Corvette brake pads from various manufacturers and in different compounds: The best brake pads for an autocrossed Corvette are going to be different than the best brake pads for a street-driven Corvette.

Corvette brake rotors are available in more varieties than you’d expect too. Different vent patterns, drilled holes for cooling and even dust dispersal slots are all features of various aftermarket Corvette brake rotors. And they all deliver different characteristics…and different price points. We’re still developing our stock of Corvette brake rotors, in part because we’ve found some aftermarket brake rotors we’re really not fond of. But you’ll find premium Centric Corvette brake rotors, some factory AC Delco brake rotors and the pricey but excellent DBA brake rotors on our site, and we’re constantly searching for Corvette brake rotors that deliver the performance we expect, consistently, at the prices we think are fair for our customers.

New Corvette brake pads and brake rotors are just a click away, but if you’d prefer to have someone else do the work, we can help there too. Vette Lab operates a full-service facility in metro Detroit, so we can install your Corvette brakes, put in a new exhaust system or bolt on some serious horsepower. Drop us a line and let us know what you want for your Corvette!