Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

Changing your Corvette’s old, stock brake fluid for fresh, premium fluid is the most cost-effective single upgrade you can make to decrease stopping distances and reduce the chance of brake fade, period. Why? It all comes down to heat and moisture.

Think back to high-school physics (or don’t, and just trust us on this): A fluid is non-compressible. Since your brake system is full of fluid, when you stomp on the brake pedal, you get an immediate reaction at the wheels – a sealed, properly bled brake system provides a direct connection.

A couple inconvenient realities sneak into this perfect scenario: First, brake fluid will boil if it gets hot enough. Second, brake fluid absorbs moisture over time, and that moisture lowers its boiling point. What’s the big deal about boiling? Remember what we said about fluids being non-compressible; when a fluid boils it becomes a vapor, and vapor is (drumroll please) compressible. The end result is that you stand on the brake pedal and end up compressing vapor instead of acting upon fluid, which sends the pedal (and your stomach) sinking as your Corvette keeps rolling.

The good news is that a) the situation is generally avoidable, and b) it’s not particularly expensive. Replace your brake fluid. If you’re really cheap, even fresh no-name parts store DOT4 fluid is better than year(s)-old fluid in your master cylinder. But Vette Lab offers a real upgrade for just a few dollars more in the form of our favorite brake fluids. As usual, we like to provide a choice to suit different owners.

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