Corvette Fuel and Air

Corvette Fuel and Air

Corvette Fuel System Upgrades, Injectors, Cold Air Intakes and E85 Conversions for 1997-2019 C5, C6 and C7

Here’s where horsepower starts. Getting more fuel and air into your Corvette’s engine is the key to boosting output and dropping quarter-mile times. Vette Lab spends a lot of time focusing on fuel/air improvements on customer cars, and we’ve gotten pretty good at separating truth from hype – after all, the dyno doesn’t lie!

It’s a good thing, too, since there’s a massive amount of product relating to Corvette fuel delivery and airflow; in fact, cold air intakes are one of the most popular upgrades, and they have the advantage of easy installation and good underhood looks, along with minor power boosts. At a certain point, fuel flow and injection needs to be addressed, and to take advantage of those upgrades, a computer tuner or custom ECU may be required. The good news is you can start small or go all-out, adding horsepower as your driving skills and budget allow.

Bottom line: There’s a lot to making power, and there’s a lot of hype around making power. Vette Lab may have a smaller selection of Corvette fuel and air upgrades than some of our competitors, but that’s because we only sell products in which we have confidence – products that will deliver on your power goals. More will be added as we keep testing, so check back often!

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