Corvette Transmission, Clutch & Rear Axle

Corvette Transmission, Clutch & Rear Axle

Corvette Clutch Kits, Transaxle Parts and Rear End Upgrades for 1997-2019 C5, C6 and C7

No matter how much power your LS- or LT-engined Corvette is making, it’s useless unless you can get it to the ground. Yes, wheels and tires are a key part of Corvette performance (and an expensive one, but more on that later), but the transaxle, clutch and driveshafts have to be up to handling the load. Minus the clutch, that includes those of you with automatic transmissions too.

We’re usually fans of shifting our own gears, but Chevrolet put some damn fine automatics in the Corvette over the years. Whichever gearbox you have, maintenance is required, including fluid/oil changes and, for automatics, filter changes. Clutches take a ton of abuse, and if you’re adding power to your Corvette in the form of nitrous or a blower, an uprated clutch is a virtual necessity. Finally, for the really high-horse applications, strengthened axle halfshafts are a good idea.

Vette Lab Corvette transmission and driveline parts are manufactured by reputable suppliers, and in most cases tested on our own project cars. We’re just beginning to populate our online Corvette parts catalog, so stay tuned if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

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