White+Wash White Car Renew


Remove orange spots and rust specks from white paint easily and safely!

Just mist, wipe and rinse your white car or truck once a year for a showroom shine


Get rid of those unsightly orange spots on your white car: Restore your white car paint with White+Wash White Car Paint Restorer from Vette Lab!

True story: We had a white Corvette C6 come in whose owner was completely freaked out by the fact his fiberglass body was ‘rusting!’ It wasn’t, of course: He frequently parked the car at the airport; minute particles of iron and steel from the planes, cars and other industrial concerns near the airport had imbedded themselves in his white paint. Add moisture, and voila, you get orange rust specks on a white car – even one made of fiberglass!

So how do you keep a white Corvette, or ANY white car clean? It’s a question millions of white car owners have struggled with for decades. You may have your own home-brew white car cleaner recipe, or you might be willing to fork over $300+ to a professional, but we found an affordable DIY solution in White+Wash White Car Restorer. It works great on white Corvettes we get in the shop, and we use it to clean white cars, trucks and SUVs owned by our families too.

What is it that makes white cars so difficult to keep looking like new? It’s as simple as the paint color: Put dirt, grime and contaminants on a white background and they’re eventually going to show up as a dingy haze over your white car paint. Industrial pollutants and road grime can even imbed themselves in your white paint and begin to oxidize. The result is what looks like orange rust specks on your white paint.

White+Wash White Car Restorer dissolves those particulates with a pH-neutral solution that’s also gentle to your car’s white paint surface. Simply rinse, then wash the car like normal using the included White+Wash car wash detergent. Our detergent features a special neutralizer to ensure the pre-cleaner action is completely stopped and the chemical is removed from the paint surface by rinse water. This step helps make White+Wash White Paint Restorer much more friendly for DIY and home car washes versus trying to mix and match potentially corrosive chemicals from other vendors.

Once your white car is spotlessly clean, keep it that way using our protectant polymer finish. White+Wash premium polymer spray protectant can be applied to wet or dry paint – even the glass and trim -- and is super easy to wipe off for a glossy, streak-free shine that lasts for months.

About that: One of the things we love about White+Wash white car cleaner is that there’s no BS in the product claims. Some of the car coatings and waxes out there make promises about long life and protection that just don’t happen in the real world. White+Wash is clear that its primary white paint cleaner shouldn’t be needed more than once a year or so, but that the protective polymer paint coating should be reapplied to your white car every 2-3 months for maximum protection. That’s a real-world lifespan for just about any premium car wax in our experience, so it’s nice to see car care claims that aren’t overblown. 


 What’s included with White+Wash white car restorer:

  • White car pre-wash
  • Wash detergent concentrate with neutralizer 

What you need to supply:

  • A dirty white car!
  • Safety goggles and rubber gloves are recommended for the pre-wash
  • Wash bucket and wash mitt or clean wash rag
  • Plenty of fresh water, ideally with a good hose sprayer
  • Clean drying towel(s)


Once you have the White+Wash white car cleaner and protectant kit, there’s no need to buy another one every time you want to do a detailing or redo the treatment. Simply pick up the refills you need of either the white car pre-wash/neutralizer and/or the polymer spray finish. You can use the same sprayer bottles and pre-wash applicator pad for consecutive applications, saving you money and keeping garage clutter at a minimum.


Vette Lab strives to keep all White+Wash products in stock whenever possible, but our supplies sometimes get depleted, especially around the beginning and end of the driving season. Stock up on White+Wash White Car Paint Restorer now so you’re ready for that next show ‘n shine!


How to use White+Wash White Car Renew

This product line was developed by people like you, for people like you: We love white cars, but we hate how they look after a season or two, even with diligent washing. White+Wash will bring that showroom gleam back to your white car, truck or SUV and help protect the finish going forward. 

The enclosed products are sized to allow one complete pre-wash of any normal car, small SUV or minivan, with extra for troublesome areas; enough deactivator for the initial treatment; enough wash concentrate for the initial treatment plus a later wash/protectant treatment and enough protectant for the initial treatment plus a later wash/protectant treatment.

A Few Notes before you start:

  • White+Wash is pH balanced and safe for all types of car paints, but we recommend eye and skin protection when using it. We’ve included a pair of chemical-resistant nitrile gloves in our starter kit, and we also suggest eye protection. Don’t spray White+Wash on windy days. 
  • ONLY use White+Wash in shady areas and on car surfaces that are cool to the touch. Direct sunlight and hot paint will evaporate the product before it has a chance to work. That could result in disappointing results and potentially streaking and staining.
  • White+Wash rinse residues are not harmful to lawns and paved surfaces, but we recommend keeping children and pets out of the area while you work. Keep all concentrated White+Wash products out of the reach of pets and children. In case of ingestion, contact a poison control center immediately.


  • Ensure vehicle paint is COOL TO THE TOUCH; move vehicle into shade if possible
  • Mist WHITE+WASH PRE-CLEANER on painted parts of vehicle; vehicle does not need to be prewashed unless caked in mud/dirt; light overspray
  • Wait 3-5 minutes; purple/pink streaking and strong odor is normal and will dissipate
  • Dampen rag and gently wipe painted parts of vehicle. Do NOT allow product to dry on surfaces
  • Rinse vehicle with cool water, starting from the top and working down until water runs clear.
  • Mix ½ bottle (4 oz) of WHITE+WASH DETERGENT with 2-4 gallons of cool water in clean wash bucket, then wash/dry vehicle as you normally would
  • For long-lasting shine, protect paint with WHITE+WASH POLYMER PROTECTANT 


  • Polymer protectant can be applied as often as needed, but we recommend White+Wash pre-cleaner be used no more than twice a year
  • Easy, affordable refills on all White+Wash products are available, so don’t dispose of your sprayers – just fill them with fresh White+Wash whenever you run low!